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The Practice Dilemma

No Time

The modern day dental practice is driven by one thing – time. Even the smallest unforeseen interruption can result in patient delays and frustration. Want to buy back some time?

Multiple Priorities

Another reality – multitasking. Having the ability to accurately address a wide range of services, in a timely and consistent manner, is critical. Want a system that tells the same story, the same way, every time?


Ever feel like someone pressed your “continual loop” button? Repeating the same information, day after day, week after week, can be exhausting. Want a break? Permanently?

Introducing VideoTextTM

Quickly deliver short, patient-centric videos directly to their mobile smart phone. No website addresses to remember. No app to download. Time-of-need content delivered any time, anywhere.

Grab your phone and try it!

Text: 72000

Text: 72000

Sample of the printed VideoTextTM guide

Video Host, Jaci

All original videos developed by dentists, for dentists, and hosted by Jaci, practicing dental assistant and model/spokesperson.

Customized Content

Dental Innovations selects unique texting codes for each dental practice. Each code will include customized copywriting featuring the practice and dentist’s name.

Mobile Centric

The smart phone is now the primary video consumption device, everything we design is made for “mobile-first.”

VideoTextTM Guide

Each guide is customized with specific dental practice information (address, phone, etc.), photo of dentist(s) and displays all video topics with practice unique VideoTextTM codes.

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