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Simple 5 Star Reviews

Simple 5 Stars is the new frictionless way to have your clients leave their best reviews at their Height of Delight.


All the client has to do is send a text, click the link, then press POST to leave your business’s next 5-Star Review.


Automated review systems are great, but you know the moment that your customer is at their Height of Delight, and that’s when they’ll leave their best review.


You can’t buy the height of your customer’s delight, but you can capture it to help bring more customers through the door.

Would your business benefit from increased online reviews?

90% of customers say their buying decisions are based on online reviews.

People are more likely to leave a bad review than a good review, so it’s important to encourage your satisfied customers to leave a review.

When your customer is at what we call the Height of Delight is the perfect time to ask them for a positive online review. Our solution will immediately connect your customer to your 5-Star review, and your online reputation will begin to grow.

See how simple it is:

When your customer is at their Height of Delight, simply hand them your high-quality, custom printed card and ask them to text your unique code to 72000.

They can also scan the QR code, or Tap the top of a desk-mounted sign if their phone is enabled to use Near Field Communication (NFC)

A link will arrive in their text inbox. They simply tap the link, which takes them directly to your 5-Star Review, and your online reputation grows.

Grab your phone and try it!

Text: 72000

Text: 72000

Begin developing your online reputation today!

At Simple 5 Stars, we provide you with the simplest, most effective way to engage your customers when they are at their Height of Delight.

Automated review systems are great, but why wait to capture their 5-Star Review?

The review prompt is summoned directly from their text message inbox—no need for them to remember later to find you online.

Simple. Effective. Affordable.

It’s never been easier for your happiest clients to spread the word about your business; bringing popularity, trust, and loyalty.

Pricing Overview

Google Reviews Only

7 signs included

setup fee waived

$899/ yr

Multi-Review Landing Page

7 signs included

$200 setup fee

Custom, branded landing page with links to all our desired online review platforms

$899/ yr

Multi Lingual

seperate materials and platform campaigns for each language

$400 setup per additional language per location

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