Mobile Technology Breakthrough: Dental Innovations takes patient engagement to the next level letting patients instantly enjoy treatment videos on their mobile device wrapped in the dentist’s brand. Build rapid trust, sell more services & be more profitable.

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Hear It From Our Key Opinion Leaders

Dr. Hornbrook
“There’s no product like it. There’s nothing like VideoText™.”
-Dr. Hornbrook
DDS, FAACD, FACE, FASDAWatch the Video

Dr. Cooper
“It’s just going to make our job easier. It’s going to make the patients’ expectations easier.”
-Dr. Cooper
DMD, AACDWatch the Video

Dr. McRae
“It is truly driven by the dentist, for the dentist, and for their patients. That’s what makes it so valuable.”
-Dr. McRae
DMDWatch the Video
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Video Text

Introducing VideoTextTM

Patient simply opens a new text on their own phone, inputs the practice name and procedure initials. Instantly, they receive a personalized, practice-branded video experience; three short videos confirming, and more fully describing, the dentist recommended treatment.

No patient information is exchanged, no device to find, and the best thing – they can take it with them when they leave.

Grab your phone and try it!

To: 33733

The Patient Process




Let's say your patient is an excellent candidate for a dental implant. Instead of repeating your typical “why this procedure is important for their oral health” pitch, tell them to text 33733 with your unique code.


Watch & Learn

Watch & Learn

The patient watches three 1-minute videos to better understand why they are a good candidate for a dental implant procedure. This quickly helps transfer knowledge and increase acceptance.




Now that the patient has more knowledge and insight about the process, case acceptance and conversion can be expedited. Patients can quickly inquire about an appointment.

Fully customized for your practice.


A patient will be told by the staff and/or via the lobby material to text a code in order to watch the video content. The text codes will be created for your practice and be unique to you. Your patients will use these codes to access the educational content.

Video page

Upon clicking the link to the educational content from their smartphone, patients will be sent to a video page designed exclusively with your practice's branding and contact information. This page will contain the video content.


Printed materials throughout the office and textable guideswill further promote the usage of VideoTextTM as a way to educate patients more synergistically and efficiently. The ultimate goal is to save your staff time and offer a convenient and powerful conversion tool to get patients to schedule necessary procedures.

Fully customized for your practice.

"I think this is a no-brainer for dentists … you’re teaching them (patients) in a quick way that is non-confrontational."

Matthew Tuft
Copperstone Dental

"I’ve seen a lot of technologies, I’ve never seen anything like this.

One of the frustrations with education through digital means is that there is always an IT component in my office … no more."

Kim Keller
Nampa Smiles

"I wasn’t really interested in a new technology .. .when I saw it I was blown away! 

The Google reviews are huge right now in dentistry, we’re trying to make it as easy as we can for our patients if they can go to a video text and leave a review, that is huge for us!"

Lon McRae, DMD
McRae Dental

"Any information we give patients a lot of times is not retained up to the front desk, let alone beyond that, so having the ability to get that information wherever they are and in a timely manner is key."

Kenyon Oyler, DDS
Signature Smiles

"When I first saw this technology, I was like “Wow!”

Tim Huff, DDS
Contemporary Dentistry